Mental Health Awareness & Suicide Prevention Presentation – offered at no cost

Duration:                  50-minutes

Primary Audience:      youth (middle/high school)

                               *Separate presentations available for school staff & parents

Topics include:          facts and myths, warning signs, effects of stigma, treatment and recovery

Presenters:               trained caregivers or peers with lived experience; one is a young adult


Children’s Mental Health Issues Education Course – offered at no cost

Duration:                  six 2.5 hour sessions; or three 5 hour sessions

Audience:                 parents/caregivers of youth with behavioral/ emotional challenges related    

                              mental health conditions

                               *Also, available for professional caregivers

Topics include:          brain biology and diagnosis; treatment options; communication 

strategies; navigating the mental health care system; working with schools; preparing for a crisis

Facilitators:trained caregivers with lived experience

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Youth Mental Health First Aid Training – Certification Course

Duration:                  9-hour day or two 4.5-hour days

Audience:                 adults who work with youth

Course includes:        typical adolescent development versus warning signs and symptoms of 

mental health distress in adolescents; how to recognize and assist a young person thinking about suicide; practical and engaging activities, scenarios, and videos bring this course to life

Other Presentation Opportunities

Mental Health in the LGBTQ+ Community

  • This is a 60 minute presentation for:

    • GSA students

    • LGBTQ+ teen groups outside of schools

    • Customizable versions for middle-high school staff, and parent/caregiver groups coming soon!

  • This presentation discusses:

    • statistics about the prevalence of mental health conditions within the LGBTQ+ community, particularly teens/young adults

    • community specific stressors and protective factors

Let’s Talk: Real Conversations About Supporting Youth Mental Health

  • Customized presentations running 30-60 minutes for:

    • K-12 and higher education staff

    • Parent/caregiver groups

    • Student groups

    • Youth groups outside of schools

  • Topics include:

    • Myths & Facts of Mental Illness

    • Warning Signs of a developing mental health condition

    • Suicide Awareness

    • Information about free resources, support, etc. for individuals and their families

Interested? The Advocacy & Education Team will be happy to help. Call our office at (302) 427-0787 or email Jenn Ford at or Annie Slease at